Helping is not our job. It's our passion!
We specialize in Diabetic Alert Dogs & Seizure Alert/Response Dogs
Our techniques are Patent Pending # 60/639,948

Our Volunteer Staff

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Joseph     Heather     David     Sammie     James

Everything we have ever done, we have done as a family. When diabetes became part of our lives, we adjusted our eating methods, lifestyle, etc as a family. When faced with the diabetic seizures, we did so as a family. When searching for an answer to ending the seizures, we again did so as a family. When we chose to help other children and families living through our "private hell", we did so as a family. When we began training the dogs, we did so as a family. You could literally say that our family had "gone to the dogs"! We played, worked, learned, trained, and prayed as a family. We believe this gave us the added strength we needed to help other families.

We continue to do so but have added other volunteer staff to better serve our clients. We continue to operate as a family oriented team.

All volunteer staff are either diabetic or have a family member who is. While some may not see this as a benefit, we know that to best serve our clients, we have to have "walked a mile in their shoes".

Anyone living with diabetes knows it affects the entire family and not just the individual. No one can possibly fully understand what a client and their family needs if they have not lived it day to day and take that to heart in their dealings with the clients.

Our organization provides individuals with quality trained and consistently alerting dogs as well as individual focus on each client's specific needs.

Our awesome Veterinarian Clinic's Staff. They are always "there" when we need them, ensure our dogs have the best care, and make sure they are in the best health possible. Thank You!



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